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Gnome Merry Christmas

Gnome Merry Christmas

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Introducing our Custom Wine Tote Bags - the ultimate wine companion for wine lovers on the go.  These bags keep your wine perfectly insulated for hours, ensuring it's always at the ideal temperature.

With a built-in carrying handle and soft grip, transporting your wine is a breeze, offering comfort and convenience. Crafted from 100% neoprene, these bags are durable yet flexible, fitting 25oz to 34oz (750ml to 1l) bottles snugly.  Measuring 6.50"W x 15.25"H, they're just the right size for your wine bottle, without unnecessary bulk. 

Stain-Resistant: No need to worry about spills; these bags are stain-resistant, staying pristine even after accidents.

Elevate your wine-toting experience with our Custom Wine Tote Bags. Order now for style and functionality in one perfect package!

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